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Proven expertise in science and high technology

  • Architecture

    All our projects prioritize the well-being of the users: we design buildings for the humans who will occupy them. Our creations express the essence of the place that hosts it and the client's values.

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  • Interior design

    We design high-quality environments conducive to the growth of individuals and communities. Comfortable and ergonomic, our interiors reflect the organizational culture of each client and harmonize seamlessly with the surrounding environment.

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  • Conceptual studies

    The success of our projects relies on rigorous planning. Feasibility studies, master plans, functional and technical programming: We conduct meticulous analyses that provide an overarching vision, fostering well-informed decision-making.

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  • Programming

    In some instances, an additional analysis is recommended to achieve optimal layout. By studying the usage of the space, including operational issues and the flow of personnel and materials, we ensure a thorough understanding of the client's current and future needs.

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  • Master planning

    As part of the planning process, we establish master plans that steer our projects towards success. We closely assess each site to propose optimal layouts. We also define criteria that will guide the long-term evolution of the project.

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  • Sustainable design

    We contribute to the well-being of future generations by adopting a forward-thinking and pragmatic approach to sustainable development. Our highly qualified team has the expertise required to meet ambitious environmental criteria.

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