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A humanistic vision

We believe that architecture is an art that serves humans. Well-designed spaces foster discussion, concentration, reflection and imagination. Air quality, lighting, ergonomics, and visual, thermal and acoustic comfort are all factors that improve the user experience.

This is our focus: to design buildings that create harmony between humans and their environment and foster individual, social, community, financial and environmental health and well-being.

An approach focused on the uniqueness of the site

Before designing a space, we make sure to capture the spirit of the site in all its complexity. Our team immerses itself in the site’s history, its patterns, its possibilities and the challenges it presents.

For each project, we create an architectural concept that reflects the client’s values, culture and objectives. The resulting built form takes into account both the building’s function and the image to be conveyed. The interior and exterior make up a cohesive whole in relation to its environment.

Integrated design

We provide comprehensive architectural services using a holistic approach. Our team views each project as a whole to integrate all of its parts. We also believe in the importance of uniting all stakeholders around a common vision.

Our creations respect the surrounding buildings. They combine functional and technical imperatives while taking into account the materials and assembly methods used. This results in seamless, innovative and unique architectural design.

High-tech expertise

We’ve helped design and build more than 3 million sq. ft. of high-tech buildings, particularly laboratories. These complex projects require a balance between architectural principles and engineering criteria. They require excellent understanding of operational requirements, close collaboration with engineering teams and special emphasis on equipment integration.

They must also comply with Health Canada’s good manufacturing and good laboratory practices, which apply to pharmaceutical and biotech production. These guidelines require close monitoring and rigorous documentation. These requirements often have an impact on the facility layout. We have the expertise to realize these highly complex architectural projects. We apply the same discipline and our creativity to monitor all project types, to our clients’ benefit and satisfaction.