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Anticipating client needs for improved delivery

Some of our clients have specific needs that we must analyze before beginning the preliminary studies. As part of its complete services offered, NFOE prepares detailed guidelines to ensure that the final building meets all client expectations. We call this analysis functional and technical programming.

Planning for optimal performance

Architectural design has a major impact on operations management when the building is inaugurated. When a space is specifically designed for the operations that will be taking place there, production capacity and work organization are optimized as a result.

This is precisely the reason for functional and technical programming. It makes it possible to optimize the flow of staff, raw materials and finished products according to the sequence of operations. The result is a building that is perfectly adapted to the client’s needs and that provides safe and productive facilities.

In-depth analysis of all efficiency factors

When conducting functional and technical programming, we leave no stone unturned. We analyze operational issues as well as the client’s current and future needs. We also review criteria regarding space and required services. Finally, we study how the space will be used: We create diagrams of how products, staff, materials and equipment flow and define the criteria for the project’s scope, nature, quality and cost.