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Interior design

People-focused design

We design interiors primarily to accommodate people. Whether for schools, office buildings, research labs or manufacturing plants, all of our projects are based on the idea that a quality environment creates a work, care or learning environment that is conducive to personal growth while remaining inclusive and adapted to a variety of profiles—for the well-being of the communities our projects serve.

A stimulating environment fosters discussion and the emergence of new ideas in addition to promoting concentration, reflection and imagination. It also drives productivity and feeds the sense of belonging. We create spaces that are lively and flooded with natural light. Ergonomics, accessibility, comfort and air quality are essential criteria that foster user health and well-being.

A dialogue between organizational culture and the external environment 

Our work goes beyond passing trends and focuses on a contemporary aesthetic that reflects certain values. We work closely with our clients to create spaces that reflect their company culture, vision and values while ensuring continuity as a whole.

Interior design must be consistent with its environment: it maintains a dialogue with the geographic and historical environment in which it is located. The spaces we design integrate and articulate these references so that they align with the volumetry, architectural vocabulary, built environment and exterior design.

Design tailored to strategic objectives

Interior design is determined by a variety of factors that have a direct impact on operations management. A space that is perfectly designed for its purpose helps the users get the most out it, whether it’s for educational success, production capacity, cutting-edge research or work organization.