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Research sector

Vast experience in the research sector

NFOE is a recognized Canadian leader in the design of scientific facilities. Over the years, we’ve helped design more than 3 million square feet of cutting-edge technology buildings. This has enabled us to acquire the expertise that we are known for today.

Highly specialized clientele

NFOE has designed some of the largest, most significant biomedical research centres in Canada. Our public- and private-sector clients include educational and healthcare institutions, research centres, and pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

Some of our design projects include fundamental and applied research facilities for the creation of pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and biological products. These facilities are fully integrated and include chemical, biochemical, molecular biology, microbiology, immunology, medical chemistry, histology, cytology, virology, genetics and cytogenetics laboratories.

Complex projects carried out with care

When we design, expand, redevelop or renovate state-of-the-art scientific facilities, we carry out these projects with the utmost care. They require in-depth understanding of program requirements, a flexible approach and flawless integration of engineering elements.

Our clients’ needs are complex and are always evolving. In addition to the imperative for cleanliness, cross-contamination prevention and staff protection, the facilities we design must comply with specific requirements. Certain projects incorporate aseptic environments (e.g., clean rooms) and chemical containment (for cytotoxic and highly active compounds) or biological containment (for blood, tissue and biotech products) mechanisms. We have acquired an expertise that enables us to design laboratories that comply with these specific requirements.

Strict regulations

An in-depth knowledge of government requirements that regulate research activities is crucial for designing laboratories. We know the ins-and-outs of Health Canada’s and the United States Food and Drug Administration’s guidelines.

Our designs take into consideration Health Canada’s manufacturing and laboratory best practices. Under these guidelines, staff must rigorously document its research procedures, and this process often affects the space’s layout. Our understanding of these regulatory requirements allows us to help our clients carry out their work in full compliance with current standards.