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Industrial Buildings

A rich history at the service of our clients

NFOE is responsible for the architectural design of millions of square feet of industrial facilities. For the past 40 years, we’ve been ensuring that the proposed design meets the requirements and procedures of the companies that put their trust in us, while guaranteeing the building envelope’s integrity, often in collaboration with renowned industrial engineering firms.

A facility’s layout determines production capacity, work organization and productivity. In this respect, we strongly believe that architecture can improve operations management.

From light to heavy industry

Several of our clients work in light industry. Building types include distribution warehouses and centres, customer service centres and maintenance facilities, which may include, as secondary elements, office spaces, laboratories and space for employees.
Our extensive experience also includes major heavy industry projects. Over the years, we’ve designed aluminum smelters, pulp and paper plants, chemical plants, automobile assembly plants, and metal and mineral processing facilities, to name a few.

Something for everybody

As each project is unique, NFOE takes pride in meeting its clients exact needs. From smaller warehouse renovations to major construction projects such as electric component manufacturing plants, we put the same energy into every assignment each time.

Major renovation projects, which may extend over several months, are highly complex because companies cannot allow their operations to be disrupted indefinitely. Therefore, we’ve developed specific skills in technical planning. Our phased construction programs assure our clients that they can continue operating with minimal disruption.