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Top-notch collaboration 

For more than 20 years NFOE has been a Government of Canada partner in developing and advancing numerous architecture projects that are as varied as they are promising. We have developed unmatched expertise in helping policymakers’ goals become reality.

Our government clients’ needs are often complex and involve a large number of stakeholders. These challenges are highly stimulating because they require a high level of coordination and management to implement the guidelines, protocols, regulatory requirements, numerous approvals, timetable and budget.

Our 20 years of experience have enabled us to develop expertise that allows us to support the public sector in its various architectural projects. Our collaboration with Public Services and Procurement Canada, the department responsible for services and internal administration, is at the heart of our success.

Various stimulating projects 

The government’s architectural needs are extensive. These include standard administrative buildings, specialized storage spaces, cutting-edge research facilities, training centres, rehabilitation centres and security infrastructures. Indeed, the large number of public sector mandates and the almost infinite variety make the Government of Canada one of NFOE’s highly valued partners.

Here are some of the most exciting projects in which we’ve participated:

  • The Canadian High Arctic Research Station in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, a research centre dedicated to advancing Canada’s knowledge of the arctic tundra biome and strengthening its leadership in polar science and technology
  • The multi-purpose building at the Canada Border Service Agency’s Learning Centre in Rigaud
  • The new Parks Canada artefact collection storage facility in Gatineau

All of these projects carried out for the Government of Canada, and for many others, have allowed us to perfect our understanding of the issues surrounding these public sector projects and propose solutions adapted to our clients’ needs.