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Cultural sector

Architecture serving the community 

If there’s one field that excites everybody at NFOE, it’s definitely the one that includes the various sports and cultural projects.

To carry out these inspiring mandates, which put users and their experience at the core of the design, NFOE takes a forward-thinking conceptual approach focused on architectural and spatial quality, urban sensitivity and technological expertise.

The resulting spaces become inviting, bright, fun and multi-use venues that are built to last. These places are well thought out and designed for users to enjoy.

Sports and culture 

NFOE has acquired considerable experience in planning community and recreational facilities, especially gymnasiums, swimming pools, fitness centres and sports centres.

Our firm is also responsible for unique and innovative cultural and institutional projects. Their scope is often multidisciplinary and they often form links between urban and landscape, art and nature, and imagination and reality.

Weaving architecture into the urban fabric 

Several of our projects, which are now considered benchmarks, align with an overall understanding of culture and contemporary best practices in architecture and urban planning.

These creations, which fit seamlessly into what are often complex, sensitive and changing environments, celebrate the public spaces they occupy and balance several levels of flow for various types of users.

We’ve combined creativity, skill and professionalism while always maintaining a desire to meet the community’s many needs for these resolutely contemporary projects.

Marking their place in time Since 

NFOE began working in the sports and culture sectors, it has taken great pride in marking our communities’ urban identity. We are very motivated to contributing further to our unique cultural landscape that our cities represent.