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Maryse Laberge
Senior Principal - Project Director

Maryse Laberge is a design architect and project manager with over twenty-five years of experience. She became LEED-accredited by USGBC in 2004 and later by CaGbc, enabling her to lead numerous LEED-certified and eco-friendly projects. She holds extensive expertise in designing and executing large-scale projects within the public institutional sector, primarily focusing on education, healthcare, and sustainable development. Her approach aims to create sustainable architecture with spatial, urban, and landscape qualities that prioritize thermal, visual, and acoustic comfort, enhancing occupants' well-being. In her work, she emphasizes the durability of materials and atmospheres within a harmonious ensemble.

Listening closely to client's needs, her positive and dynamic attitude leads her to propose creative and unifying solutions while fostering team synergy. She recognizes the added value of a collaborative design from a multidisciplinary team. Her commitment and dedication are crucial from the initial commission, developing suitable solutions in alignment with programs, budgets, and schedules. She often oversees the design and production team, allocating resources, coordinating amongst the various professionals, and providing design guidance to ensure project realization aligns with the objectives of our most discerning clients.


  • CSSDM : Sophie-Barat secondary school, Saint-Bernardin school*
  • SQI CSCQ : English secondary school, Ste-Foy
  • MHSOC film school, Concordia University
  • Pomerleau : Four secondary schools*
  • CSSDA : Coteau secondary school*, Sommets primary school, Mascouche*
  • CSSPO : Aylmer primary school*,  PDLM school* et Cœur-des-Collines school*
  • CSSPI : EHDAA Le Tournesol school*
  • CSSS-T : Notre-Dame d’Yamaska school*
  • CSSDA : Du Coteau secondary school*
  • Centre François-Michelle*
  • Parcours Gouin reception pavilion, Net-zero energy*
  • CSS de la Rivière-du-Nord : Grand-Rocher primary school*, Triolet primary school*, Aux-Couleurs-du-Savoir primary school*
  • CSS de Laval : Cime school
  • CSSMI: Jardins-des-Patriotes primary school*, Henri-Dunan secondary school*, Espace-Couleurs primary school*, New technologies training center*
  • CSSMB : École primaire des Marguerites*, CFP Léonard-de-Vinci*
  • ASCCS, Sports and Community Center*
  • Caisse Desjardins de Granby*
  • CHSLD de Saint-Jérôme*
  • Hôpital du Sacré-Cœur de Montréal, Emergency room*

* Projects carried out outside the employment of NFOE